Monday, March 9, 2009

Waters takes parting shot at legislative leaders' failed bill for invesigative agency

With the Kentucky General Assembly in the last full week of its 2009 session, columnist Jim Waters took a parting shot at one of the session's most controversial bills, which would have set up a new legislative investigating agency immune from public scrutiny.

The legislation was sponsored by Republican Senate President David Williams and Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo, but didn't even come to a vote in committee.

"Yes, ensuring government operates more efficiently, effectively and fiscally is a good thing. But holding secret hearings and conducting secret audits is not," wrote Waters, of the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, a libertarian think tank based in Bowling Green.

"Creating another large, costly government agency to do audits – the elected state auditor’s job – is not. Exempting state politicians from all accountability and transparency – another end run past the state open meetings and records law – is not."

Waters added that without transparency, "No hope exists for restoring public trust in government, which is at an all-time low." For the full text of his weekly column, click here.

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