Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inmate not allowed access to letters he wrote

Saying it would not overrule prison officials in judging whether releasing some records would pose a security threat, the state attorney general's office has ruled in favor of the Lee Adjustment Center, a medium-security facility operated by Corrections Corp. of America under contract with the state Department of Corrections, in a dispute with an inmate. The decision, 09-ORD-152, was one of two issued this week by the office.

In the other, 09-ORD-151, it said the Russell County Board of Education properly withheld education records under federal and state education privacy laws where applicant had not provided legal certification that he was the father of the pupils, although the board's initial response procedurally violated the law by not identifying the custodian of certain records.

For full texts of the ruling, see Links of Interest at the bottom of the KOG Blog.

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