Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Transparency Conference at UK Oct. 19-20

The University of Kentucky's College of Communications and Information Sciences will hold a two-day session next month on Transparency and Open Access to Information that includes a panel on open government and another on open media.
"Open 2.0" will begin Oct. 19 with sessions on Open Geographies, Open Governmenet, Open Media and Open Libraries. The next will have panels on Open Entrepeneurship, Open Finances and Open Source. The main guest speaker on Oct. 20 will be Dr. Sean Gorman, founder and president of FortiusOne Inc., an Arlington, VA-based company "founded to change the way organizations visualize and analyze data for real-time problem solving," according to the company's website. The title of Gormans speech is "What the human sensor net can tell us about markets, society and disaster."
Details of the schedule and location of the conference can be found at


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  2. Governments become corrupted because when people gain a little authority, they and are tempted to abuse it. If government was completely open, then the power would be handed back to the people, who, with their little authority, would probably abuse it just as much as the government. For example, potentially embarrassing information about politicians could be easily falsified and published everywhere on the Web, and lackadaisical people would most likely think it came from an "open government" source and believe it.