Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AG says Bowling Green should have given paper names of applicants for commission seat

Attorney General Jack Conway has ruled that Bowling Green officials should not have kept secret the names of people who wanted the City Commission to appoint them to a vacant seat on the commission, which has since been filled.

The opinion was issued to the Bowling Green Daily News, which wanted the names before the seat was filled and appealed the denial to Conway. In its story, the newspaper highlighted the reasoning of Assistant Attorney General Amye Bensenhaver: “The public interest in the identities of persons seeking appointment to elective office is often greater than that of the public interest in the identities of persons seeking public employment,” which may be considered confidential.

The city argued that making the applicants' names and resumes public “may work to prevent others from submitting resumes should this process be followed again,” but the attorney general's office said the applicants “forfeited a greater measure of their personal privacy when they ‘threw their hats in the ring’.” For the story on Conway's decision, by the Daily News' Andrew Robinson, click here.

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