Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Danville city commissioners walk out during closed session, refuse to comment

Two Danville city commissioners walked out of a closed-door meeting last night, leaving the other two and the mayor to discuss a personnel matter that the absentees either didn't want discussed or thought should be discussed in public.

Kevin Caudill and J.H. Atkins, who voted against holding the closed session, left it after 45 minutes and "refused comment on either the purpose of the meeting or their reasons for leaving," David Brock reports for The Advocate-Messenger. "When the remaining commission members returned from executive session about 20 minutes later, no action was taken."

The Advocate-Messenger quoted from the personnel exception to the state Open Records Act: “Discussions or hearings which might lead to the appointment, discipline or dismissal of an individual employee, member or student without restricting that employee’s, member’s or student’s right to a public hearing if requested. This exception shall not be interpreted to permit discussion of general personnel matters in secret.” Then the paper added in conclusion: "The lengthy closed-door session was not the first in which one of the stated subjects was possible firing and no action was subsequently taken." To read the full story, click here.

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