Tuesday, May 24, 2011

City must give plaintiff contracts, personnel files

A city-owned arena can't refuse to release information about its contracts and personnel just because that might put it and its contractor at a disadvantage with competing, private facilities, the attorney general's office ruled in a recent open-records opinion.

The records are being sought by Tad Thomas, attorney for Walter Richard Brotherton, who has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Corbin, Victory Sports and the man who drove a motorcycle that struck Brotherton at a motocross event at The Arena Jan. 15, Michele Baker of the Corbin Times-Tribune reports.

Attorney General Jack Conway said the city failed to prove that the records are “generally regarded as confidential or proprietary” or that “disclosure would prevent an unfair commercial advantage to competitors” of Victory Sports. "The office also stated the City of Corbin violated the Open Records Act in denying access to public personnel files in their entirety," Baker writes. The city is considering an appeal to Whitley Circuit Court.

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