Saturday, March 31, 2012

Legislature OKs bill to let county clerks to charge 50 cents a copy, ban scanners, cameras and such

The Kentucky General Assembly has passed and sent to Gov. Steve Beshear a bill that would allow county clerks to charge 50 cents for a copy of any record they have and to ban devices that could be used to make electronic copies in their offices.

The bill would overturn current law, based on the Open Records Act and an attorney general's decision, that limits the cost of copies to the direct cost of producing them, generally no more than 10 cents per page. It would also allow clerks to ban "scanners, cameras, computers, personal copiers, or other devices that may be used by an individual seeking a copy of a document maintained by the clerk."

Those measures were included in a bill that otherwise dealt with delinquent taxes. It was titled "An act relating to governmental revenue functions and declaring an emergency." The emergency clause means the bill would become law when Beshear signs it. If he vetoes it, his veto would appear likely to be overridden when the legislature returns April 12; the Senate passed the bill 37-0 and the House agreed with a minor change and repassed the bill 83-6.

Those voting against the bill were Reps. C.B. Embry, Mike Harmon, Jim Wayne (the only Democrat), David Floyd, Stan Lee and Addia Wuchner. The Kentucky Press Association lobbied against the bill.

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  1. This is totally crazy. Paying 50 cents for copies when print shops only charge 10 cents. Also, digital devices cause less harm than clerk staff making copies. So frustrated