Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Attorney General Conway welcomes KOG Blog

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway welcomed the Kentucky Open Government Blog to the continuing struggle for transparency in government. Conway said in a formal statement issued by his office:

"Some thirty-five years ago, Kentucky's lawmakers demonstrated a commitment to ensuring open government by enacting the Open Meetings Law, declaring that 'the formation of public policy is public business.' Two years later, those lawmakers reaffirmed their commitment by enacting the Open Records Law, declaring that 'free and open examination of public records is in the public interest.' Kentucky's courts subsequently implemented this legislative mandate by ruling that these laws 'were enacted for the public benefit' and 'exhibit a bias favoring disclosure.'

"Through the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws, Kentucky's citizens enjoy unique insight into the operation of state and local government. Kentucky's lawmakers assigned a special role to the Office of the Attorney General in ensuring open government. Since 1976, it has been our statutory duty to provide a forum for resolution of disputes arising under the Open Records Law (and, since 1992, under the Open Meetings Law) between Kentucky's citizens and the public agencies that govern them. In resolving these disputes, we are guided by the legislative mandate and judicial interpretation, both favoring openness. As Attorney General, it is my duty and privilege to promote the ideal articulated by Justice [Louis] Brandeis: 'Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; light the most efficient policeman.' We welcome your voice in the ongoing struggle to ensure transparency in government."

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