Thursday, February 5, 2009

Urgent call to action on 911 bill

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association issued an "urgent call to action" Wednesday on a bill in the state legislature to make recordings of 911 calls secret. The bill was scheduled to be discussed and voted on in committee Thursday. Here is the text of the call:

The Kentucky Legislature is considering a Senate Bill that would prohibit Radio and TV stations in Kentucky from airing recorded 9-1-1 calls. Tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 5) morning at 10 a.m. the Senate Judiciary Committee will discuss and vote on the proposed bill. The KBA board of directors is on record opposing this proposed action. Your help is needed to fight Senate Bill 30. The first step broadcasters should take is contacting the committee members listed below. If any of these Senators represent your district please contact their office immediately and tell them "You oppose SB-30". Even if you are not represented by these Senators please call each one and voice your opposition. Also, contact your state Senator and Representative and encourage them to oppose this Bill. To contact legislators call (502) 564-8100. Ask for the Senator and Representative you wish to speak to. You will most likely be asked to leave a message. Give your name, city and call letters and the message that you are opposed to SB-30."

Senate Judiciary Committee Members: Robert Stivers (R, chair), Katie Stine (R, vice chair), Perry B. Clark (D), Carroll Gibson (R), Ray S. Jones (D), Gerald A. Neal (D), Jerry P. Rhoads (D), John Schickel (R), Dan Seum (R), Jack Westwood (R).

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